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Welcome to Holy Temple Church of God in Christ where we are are committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and offering the children of the Most High God a place where they can receive spiritual refreshing in their pursuit of the glory of God.

We believe that God's people deserve the very best and therefore, we are very careful to choose as participants of our Conferences and Special Events anointed preachers and teachers who we are confident will share a Rhema Word that is guaranteed to feed, enhance and renew your spirit.

We have spirit-filled worship services that heal the sick and afflicted and set the captives free. Our dynamic worship services include musical and drama presentations that facilitate the move of God and make the atmosphere ripe for preaching.

Superintendent Michael R. Jordan, Sr. and First Lady, Missionary Rachel Jordan would like to extend an open invitation for you to come worship and grow with us as we embark upon the next dimension of God. We are confident that God has something just for you!!

Do you have a Prayer Request? Whatever the need, we would like to join you in prayer. Please contact us via email prayer request or phone at  713-738-2566.
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